"Outstanding experience! I've worn hearing aids for about 10 years and just purchased two new Signia Silks. Dr Washburn gave me a hearing test and set up the hearing aids. She rates as the best Audiologist I've seen. Very professional and competent. Would highly recommend."

~ Ken K.

Hearing Device Styles

Hearing devices range in size and shape from extremely tiny custom pieces that fit completely in your ear canal, to cosmetic styles that fit just behind your ear.

Hearing Aids at Love to Hear Again

Oticon BrainHearing

Amplifiers vs. Hearing Devices vs. Smart Hearing Devices

Analog amplifiers make all sounds louder. Hearing devices are digital and programmable with fine tuning prescriptions to enhance mainly just the sounds you want to hear, as well as reduce noise and whistling/feedback. Smart hearing devices are the most versatile, tunable, and include automatic speech focus, advanced noise and wind reduction. They also include smart phone apps that allow you to control your listening experience, as well as wireless streaming of calls and TV audio.

Your best hearing will come from the proper selection of a hearing device that is expertly adjusted by an audiologist to suit your individual needs.

The Oticon Opn™

We are pleased to showcase the Oticon Opn™ at Love to Hear Again Audiology, a device that is both made for the iPhone, and also has a rechargeable option. Watch the video below to learn more:

Hearing Device Brands

We will service, adjust, or repair any hearing device brand, even if it isn't listed as one of the brands we dispense in our office. We work closely with each patient to determine what the best style and options are to meet their needs; below are a few of the brands that we utilize at Love to Hear Again Audiology:


Automatic, seamless conversation in noise, iPhone compatible, and the only iPhone hearing devices that are also rechargeable.


Great smart phone control apps and features with an iPhone compatible option. Very adjustable, durable products with a rechargeable option.


A great selection, tremendous R&D, and the source of the best warranty in the industry with a full four years of protection.


Smooth sound quality, and the only Bluetooth phone compatible devices available in custom/in-the-ear style.


American-made, known for quality and smallest possible custom device fit, iPhone compatible options.


High fidelity sound quality, sleek design, and iPhone compatible options.


Rechargeable, variety of styles, Flex fit - which allows you to upgrade the software of the device to higher technology level at any time (without having to return and re-order a more advanced set).


Rechargeable, DuoPhone - hear phone conversations in both ears simultaneously (stereo), advanced sound processing.


Sleek design, great starter devices with simply better hearing at a more competitive pricing tier.

Signia Cellion rechargeable

Hearing Device Maintenance Tips

If your hearing device isn't working, try these steps until it starts back up:

Cochlear Implants

We now perform Cochlear Implant Mapping & Cochlear Implant services forboth Cochlear Americas and Med-El. Inquire today!

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