Holistic Solutions

Additional, natural support for hearing health.

Holistic Solutions

At Love to Hear Again Audiology, we carry All-Natural, Beyond-Organic, Safe & Proven, Nutritional products with which we and our clients have found good success. In combination with proper hearing devices, promoting foundational health through proper nutrition (including certain supplements where you’re deficient), can often alleviate risk factors for hearing loss or slow down the progression of hearing loss’s side effects. Proper diet and targeted nutritional supplementation can help with: Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Diabetes (huge risk factors for hearing loss onset & rapid progression), seasonal or allergy-related Ear Pressure and Fluid, and Inner-ear side effects of hearing loss like Tinnitus, Dizziness, and Cognitive Decline.

Several popular products we carry are stocked and available for purchase in-office, or you can order them straight to your doorstep.

All of our products come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Targeted Solutions

Have you tried our Targeted Solutions?

  • Mindworks
  • Mental Acuity Plus
  • Vitalizer Gold Sleep
  • Stress Relief Complex
  • Gentle Sleep Complex
  • Vitalizer Gold Sleep
  • SmartHeart Blood Pressure Regimen
  • SmartHeart Cholesterol Regimen
  • Turmeric Boost
  • Glucose Regulation Complex
  • Life Shake™ Soy Cafe Latte
  • Alfalfa Complex
  • NutriFeron®
  • Optiflora® Prebiotic & Probiotic System
  • Sustained Release Vita-C®
  • Garlic Complex
  • Mindworks
  • Alfalfa Complex
  • Chewable Cal Mag Plus
  • Stomach Soothing Complex*
  • B-Complex 120 Count
  • Sustained Release Vita-C®
  • Zinc Complex

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