OTC Hearing Aids

A new category of hearing aids for those who need a little amplification.

OTC Hearing Aids

At Love to Hear Again Audiology, our goal is to help you experience the best hearing possible, no matter what. We understand everyone’s hearing loss and budgets are different, that’s why we are now offering some over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids for sale at our office.

OTC devices are different from prescription hearing aids but they can be helpful for some people. OTC hearing aids are designed for adults (18+) who have mild hearing loss and only need a little amplification. If you’re not quite ready for a prescription hearing aid, an OTC hearing aid is a good first step.

How to Choose Which Option is Right For You

OTC hearing aids will work for adults with a non-complex hearing loss who are not quite ready for full-time prescription hearing aids. When deciding if an OTC hearing aid is right for you, you should consider your degree of hearing loss and your lifestyle. If you have a quiet or sedentary lifestyle with a mild hearing loss then an OTC device may work for you.

Similar to reading glasses, OTC devices do not have a prescription and are not programmed for your specific hearing needs. If you have a complex hearing loss, such as loss of hearing in only one ear or tinnitus, or you have a moderate to severe loss, then you would benefit from a traditional prescriptive hearing aid.

If you have started to experience a minor difficulty with your hearing, an OTC hearing aid is a good first step. It’s important to continue to be proactive of your hearing by coming in for regular hearing evaluations. This way our audiologists can help you catch any changes in your hearing ability. If your hearing loss progresses at some point to need prescription, full-time hearing aids, we are happy to help you. Your hearing journey is our top priority.

OTC Services

We want to help you hear better. We now offer the following services for over-the-counter hearing aids:

  • Verification of OTC hearing aid settings
  • Smartphone/app set up assistance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Clean & checks

We are happy to help you with your devices.

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